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Thomas Merlyn
Tommy Merlyn
Occupation Employee of Merlyn Global Group (formerly)
General Manager of Verdant (formerly)
Status Deceased
Alive (Doomworld)
Family Malcolm Merlyn (father)
Rebecca Merlyn (mother) †
Saracon (paternal half-brother)
Thea Queen (paternal half-sister)
Jasper King (grandfather)
Actor Colin Donnell
Arien Boey (young)

Thomas "Tommy" Merlyn (c. February 1985—May 15, 2013) was the son of Malcolm Merlyn and the late Rebecca, a 28 year old former billionaire "trustafarian", the best friend of Oliver Queen, the ex-boyfriend of Laurel Lance, and the former crush and the older paternal half-brother of Thea Queen. He was killed in "Sacrifice", while he was saving Laurel's life.


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