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Location Star City, United States
Leader(s) Malcolm Merlyn

Tempest is a covert organization responsible for the execution of The Undertaking and the sabotaging the Queen's Gambit in 2007, resulting in the death of Robert Queen, and the captain of the Queen's Gambit. It's also what led Oliver Queen to be stranded on Lian Yu while awaiting rescue.

According to Moira and flashbacks, it was explained that Tempest was created to fix the Glades and cure the city. Oliver later learned that their logo was an outline of the subway lines connected/leading to the Glades.

Known Members

Former Members

  • Malcolm Merlyn (leader)
  • Carl Ballard
  • Unnamed female member
  • Unnamed male member
  • Robert Queen †
  • Frank Chen †
  • Moira Queen

Known Enemies

Former Enemies