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Star City Police Department
250px-Starling City Police Department 2-1-
Location Star City, United States
Use(s) Police Department
Leader(s) Brian Nudocerdo (commissioner)

The Star City Police Department (SCPD), also known as the Star Metro Police or Star City Metro, is the police department of Star City. Before the city's name change, it was known as the Starling City Police Department (SCPD) or Starling City Metro.

Known Members

  • Commissioner Brian Nudocerdo
  • Lieutenant Dave Ellet
  • Lieutenant Frank Pike
  • Detective Michael Axford
  • Detective Rivera
  • Detective Suarez
  • Officer Groves
  • Officer Stan Washington
  • Captain Stein
  • Jonathan Greer (SWAT unit)

Former Members

  • Captain Quentin Lance (dismissed)
  • Detective McKenna Hall (temporarily paralyzed)
  • Sergeant Liza Warner (former leader of Anti-Vigilantes task force/SWAT unit; arrested/in custody)
  • Officer Carrie Cutter (also a SWAT unit member)
  • Detective Lucas Hilton †
  • Sergeant Gomez †
  • Officer Daily †
  • Officer Evans †
  • Officer Jones †
  • Officer McCarthy †
  • Kelton (CSU technician) †
  • Unnamed police chief †