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The Queen family celebrate Christmas

The Queen family as of December 2012.

The Queen family are a prominent, wealthy family who primarily live in Star City. They all live in the Queen Mansion, and the family co-owns Queen Consolidated. They are possibly the wealthiest and the most powerful family in Starling City; however, due to Moira's involvement with The Undertaking, the family lost most, if not all, of their influence in Starling City. The Queen family's reputation had been repaired to the point where Moira ran for mayor. As of "Seeing Red", half the family members are deceased. As of "Deathstroke", the Queen family no longer has control of Queen Consolidated. In "This is Your Sword", Nyssa became a new member through her marriage to Oliver.

Known Family Members

Earth One

Earth Two

  • Robert Queen
  • Oliver Queen †

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