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Queen Consolidated
250px-Queen Consolidated-1-
Location Star City, United States
Use(s) Company
Owner(s) Queen family (formerly)
Slade Wilson (formerly)
Ray Palmer (formerly)
CEO(s) Ray Palmer (formerly)
Moira Queen (formerly) †
Oliver Queen (formerly)
Robert Queen (formerly) †
Isabel Rochev (formerly) †
Walter Steele (formerly)

Queen Consolidated is a company run by the Queen family. It was run by Robert Queen until his death in 2007, then taken over by Walter Steele. After Malcolm Merlyn kidnapped Walter, Moira becomes the acting CEO. Walter stepped down from his position as CEO after being rescued by Arrow. Isabel Rochev was full CEO of Queen Consolidated with backing from Slade Wilson until her death in "Unthinkable". During that time she deliberately ran the company and many of its assets into the ground, looking to strip Oliver of his financial resources. At that time, there was an important subsidiary in Moscow.

In late 2014, Oliver attempted to bid for his company back, but ultimately the board named Ray Palmer as CEO. As a part of his new vision, Palmer shortly re-branded the company under his own banner, Palmer Technologies.

As seen in the future, Felicity Smoak seems to have become the new CEO, and renamed the building.

Known employees

Former employees

  • Robert Queen (founder and CEO) †
  • William Green †
  • Josiah Hudson (head of security) †
  • Derek Reston (Queen Industrial Inc. employee; lost his job) †
  • Walter Steele (CFO, then acting CEO, then CEO; resigned)
  • Gina (personal assistant to Walter Steele)
  • Moira Queen (Acting CEO; till indictment) †
  • Oliver Queen (CEO; removed by the board of directors)
  • Isabel Rochev (CEO) †
  • Peter Kang
  • Ray Palmer (CEO; part of Palmer Technologies)
  • Ned Foster (COO; part of Palmer Technologies)
  • Doug Miller (head of Applied Sciences; part of Palmer Technologies)
  • Felicity Smoak (Computer Sciences; IT department and personal assistant to Oliver Queen; part of Palmer Technologies)
  • Gerry Conway (executive assistant to Felicity Smoak; part of Palmer Technologies)


  • Robert Queen †
  • Moira Queen
  • Walter Steele (formerly; resigned)
  • Oliver Queen (50%)
  • Isabel Rochev (50%; formerly) †

Fanon Employees

  • John Fox (Earth-14, Intern)
  • Shane Fox (Earth-14, Manager)