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Palmer Technologies
Palmer Technologies
Location Star City, United States
Use(s) Company
Team Arrow HQ (in secret; formerly)
Owner(s) Ray Palmer
Felicity Smoak
CEO(s) Unknown
Felicity Smoak (formerly)
Ray Palmer (formerly)

Palmer Technologies is a company run by Ray Palmer. Previously known as Queen Consolidated, Ray Palmer took it over and rebranded it as Palmer Technologies. Ray's primary goal for doing so was to help rebuild Starling City by having it renamed Star City but also to use it's resources in order to make his A.T.O.M. Exosuit, and become the vigilante known "The Atom". It also currently serves as the new base of operations for Team Arrow, in secret, after Ray became affiliated with the team following the exposure of their previous base. Felicity Smoak serves as the current CEO of Palmer Technologies after Ray's believed death. In one possible future, it becomes known as Smoak Technologies.

Known Employees

  • Unknown (CEO)
  • Dennis (board of directors)
  • Ned Foster (COO)
  • Gerry Conway (executive assistant to Felicity Smoak)
  • Doug Miller (head of Applied Sciences)
  • Karla Groves (Human Resources)
  • Curtis Holt (Design Innovation department)

Former Employees