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Oliver Queen

Oliver Queen

Green Arrow

Occupation Mayor of Star City
Vigilante (in secret)
Acting leader of Team Arrow (in secret)
Captain of the Solntsevskaya Bratva (in secret; formerly)
Member of the League of Assassins (formerly)
CEO of Queen Consolidated (formerly)
Owner of Verdant (formerly)
A.R.G.U.S. operative (unwilling; formerly)
Status Alive
Deceased (altered reality)
Family Robert Queen (father) †
Moira Queen (mother) †
Thea Queen (half-sister)
William (son)
Walter Steele (ex-stepfather)
Felicity Smoak (ex-fiancée)
Nyssa al Ghul (wife; legally invalid)
Alter ego Green Arrow
Actor Stephen Amell
Jacob Hoppenbrouwer (young)

Oliver Jonas "Ollie" Queen (born May 16, 1985) is a billionaire and former playboy turned vigilante archer. At various points he owned and operated the night club, Verdant, and was CEO of Queen Consolidated. After being presumed lost at sea for 5 years Oliver returned to Starling City with a mission to clean the city of crime and corruption and became a hooded vigilante using a bow and arrow called "The Hood", willing to use lethal force if needed. After the Undertaking, Oliver made a vow to never kill again unless he absolutely had to and renamed himself "The Arrow". After his maternal half-sister Thea, was nearly killed, Oliver hoaxed Ra's al Ghul into becoming his heir, earning the titles Al Sah-him (السهم, Arabic for Arrow) and Warith al Ghul (وريث الغول, Arabic for Heir to the Demon). He earned the title Ibn al Ghul (ابن الغول, Arabic for Son of the Demon) when Ra's forced Oliver and Nyssa be married. Eventually, Oliver defeated Ra's al Ghul and retired from vigilantism soon after to begin a new life with Felicity. After months of retirement, Oliver returned to vigilantism, using the code-name Green Arrow. He has also been referred to as the Emerald Archer.