Jade Ferina



Occupation Art/Psychology double major
Status Alive
Family Ian Keane (biological father)
Shannon Causter (surrogate mother)
Reaghan Ferina (biological mother)
Alter ego Wicked Witch
Actor Ksenia Solo

Jade Ember Ferina (born December 1, 1994) is an art and psychology double major who acts as a vigilante in her spare time. She is the daughter of a wealthy businessman named Ian Keane, who controls most of San Fransisco's real estate. Jade was rasied by her biological mother: Reaghan Ferina, and her surrogate mother: Shannon Causter. When the partical acceplator exploded she was in her studio apartment, painting, and the glass windows around her shattered embedding shards of glass to embed in her skin.  Jade has telekinesis, superhuman reflexes and enhanced perception. She goes by the alias Wicked Witch.


Jade has silky raven black hair with two white streaks in it (bleached) that she frequently dyes a new bright color. When the hair gets too dry and damged she dies it back to black and bleaches two new strips. Her hair falls to the small of her back and is style with flat across bangs, sometimes pulled into a ponytail with the dyed strips hanging loose to frame her face. She has almond shaped eyes that are very pale blue-green.

Her face shape is thin, heartshaped, with a slightly square jaw, with defined cheek bones. She is very thin and flat chested, there is very little tapering or curves, btu she does have defined triceps, biceps and abdominal muscles.


Jade lives to help others. She is loyal and faithful and determined to be as beneficial to her friends as possible. She uses magic frequently to assist others, going out of her way to whip up potions and cast charms. She drains herself of mana and life force just to feel like she’s done something good. Sometimes she nearly kills herself doing something unimportant if she thinks it’ll win someone’s favor. She wants to be loved, but more importantly: relied on. She wants people to be dependent upon her like she is upon their approval. Some say she’s selfless, others believe she’s just desperate.

Jade always strived to be the best at everything. She doesn’t like to show off but she likes to know, secretly, that she’s the best. She studies hard, works out and practices spells frequently. But make no mistake, she finds time for lazy activities. In fact she’s a champion at Modern Warfare 3.

Jade has always been a bright girl she seeks out challenges and knowledge. She picks up skills easily and is known to be very smart.

Jade is all about revenge, she frequently acts through rage. Although recently she’s gotten more control over her emotions and insecurities, wrath is in her blood.

Since Jade is so determined to be the best, she also hates it when she’s not. She doesn’t like to be criticised or chastised. It’s even worse if you offend one of her friends. She’ll string you up.


=== Early life === 

=== The Explosion at S.T.A.R. Labs === 

Powers and Abilities

  • Telekinesis: Jade has the ability to move objects with her mind. She often uses this ability to levitate objects or push them away. She does not yet have control of this ability and it often results in her breaking the object. 
  • Enhanced Perception: Jade has a heightened sense of the surrounding environment, she can sense movement, position and density. The range is about thirty feet and the further away the less she can feel the object. 
  • Superhuman reflexes: Jade’s inhandced perception also augments her reaction time, allowing her to react to danger and events much faster than a normal human.