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Church of Blood
250px-Church of Blood-1-
Location Star City, United States
Use(s) Religious Cult
Leader(s) Slade Wilson (in secret; formerly)
Roger Trigon (founder) †
Sebastian Blood †
Clinton Hogue †

The Church of Blood was a secret following founded by Roger Trigon,[1] later led by Sebastian Blood. In reality, Blood acted on the orders from Slade Wilson, who used the cult as means to find and recruit people able to withstand the effects of Mirakuru, whom Slade would use for his army. Blood eventually abandoned Slade Wilson after seeing the danger Slade's Mirakuru soldiers posed to the city, only to be killed by Isabel Rochev for his betrayal. After Slade was imprisoned by A.R.G.U.S. and Isabel was killed, leadership of the Church was taken over by Clinton Hogue, who claimed the mantle of Brother Blood.

Known Members

  • Hoshaw / Brother Hoshaw
  • Langford / Brother Langford

Former Members

  • Slade Wilson / Deathstroke (leader and benefactor for the Miracle; incarcerated)
  • Sebastian Blood / Brother Blood (third-in-command, official leader; controlled by Slade Wilson) †
  • Isabel Rochev / Ravanger (spy within Queen Consolidated; second-in-command of the Church of Blood and in the Mirakuru army) †
  • Cyrus Gold / The Acolyte †
  • Daily / Brother Daily (spy within the SCPD) †
  • The Technician (scientist)
  • Xavier Reed / The Mayor (unwilling test subject) †
  • Max Stanton (unwilling test subject) †
  • Mirakuru army (soldiers; most incarcerated)
  • Mirakuru army (soldiers) †
  • Roy Harper (unwilling test subject)
  • Clinton Hogue / Brother Blood (leader) †
  • Abel (second-in-command under Clinton Hogue) †
  • Caleb Green †
  • Father Trigon (founder) †

Known Enemies

  • Lyla Michaels

Former Enemies