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Chinese Triad
250px-Chinese Triad-1-
Location China (based)
Star City, United States (branch)
Use(s) Chinese Organization
Leader(s) Chien Na Wei

The Chinese Triad is a criminal organization based in China, but with branches in North American cities with a high Chinese immigrant population, such as Star City. Martin Somers was associated with them. Helena Bertinelli killed their leader so they would attack her father. Zhishan's former apprentice, Chien Na Wei, became the new leader of the Chinese Triad.

Known Members

  • Katsu Cheng
  • Li Khuan Hui

Former Members

  • Lonnie Machin (expelled)
  • Chien Na Wei / China White (second leader; incarcerated)
  • Zhishan (first leader) †

Known Associates

Former Associates

  • Tempest
  • Bertinelli Crime Family
  • Floyd Lawton †
  • Ben Turner †

Known Enemies