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Barry Allen

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Occupation Owner of S.T.A.R. Labs
Vigilante (in secret)
Leader of Team Flash (in secret)
Forensic scientist of the Central City Police Department (formerly)
Status Alive
Family Unnamed (great-grandfather)
Unnamed (paternal grandmother)
Unnamed (maternal grandfather)
Henry Allen (father)
Nora Allen (mother)
Iris West (fiancée)
Actor Grant Gustin
Logan Williams (2000)
Liam Hughes (1999)
Audrey Marie Anderson (as Lyla Michaels)
Alter ego The Flash

Bartholomew Henry "Barry" Allen (born March 14, 1989) is a scientist in the Criminal and Forensic Science Division of Central City Police Department. Barry is the son of Henry and the late Nora Allen, the foster son of Joe West, and the best friend/foster brother of Iris West, whom he has romantic feelings for. After the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator exploded, it caused a giant thundercloud to form and Barry was struck by lightning, falling comatose for nine months. When he woke up from his coma, he discovered that he had developed various super powers and abilities, most notably super speed. Using these super powers, he began acting as the vigilante and superhero known as Red Streak or The Streak. Soon after, the public recognized him as The Flash, stylized as the Scarlet Speedster.